*NOTE:  Interscholastic activities are ever-changing.  The schedules below represent expected contests.  As time progresses schools may not be able to field teams or schedule conflicts arise requiring game changes.  Fans/parents/guardians are highly encouraged to subscribe to Lawson Alerts-->Activities (located under "Quick Links" to the left) for updates and changes to game dates and start times.  Also, up to date game schedules are viewable by navigating the CALENDARS tab on the top of the school webpage above.


Link to individual calendars for each sport. (In PDF format)


LHS sports schedules are all pdf files which can be opened using Adobe Reader. This program is available as a free download from Adobe.com.

It should be noted that these schedules are created at the beginning of each season and are not updated with every change. For the latest and most accurate data please view the scheduling calendar by clicking on the "Athletics" page above. There you will view a Google Calendar which contains all sports activities.

Student Accident Insurance

The optional student accident insurance has converted from a paper application to an electronic application process.  All information can be located at the following website:

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