The Lawson R-XIV School District is located just 15 miles to the northeast of the Kansas City metro area.  Portions of three counties comprise the make-up of the district: the Southwest portion of Clinton County, Northeast portion of Clay County, and Northwest portion of Ray County.  A large majority of our district patrons find employment within the Kansas City metro area for corporations such as the Ford Motor Co., Hallmark Cards, Inc., and AIPC. 

The Lawson R-XIV School District serves over 1200 students and their families and is comprised of Southwest Elementary, a K-4 elementary school, Lawson Middle School, serving grades 5-8, and Lawson High School, serving grades 9-12. Certified and classified staff number 140.  Although vocational and technical courses are offered within Lawson High School’s curriculum, students have the advantage of first hand experience in comprehensive vocational programs through the Excelsior Springs Career Center located in Excelsior Springs, MO.

Integrated technology complements the board approved curricula.  Additionally, the district reaps the benefits of effective programs which include; Parents as Teachers Program, K-12 Gifted Education program, Special Services, the A+ Program, Collegiate dual-credit course offerings, abundant extracurricular activities, and numerous other programs.

The Lawson R-XIV school district enjoys a population of just under 6,000 with approximately 2000 households.  The average age of our district patrons is 35.8 years of age.   Per capita income is $19,021. The median family income is $55,245. The largest community employer is the Lawson R-XIV school district.  A high number of the population commutes to the Kansas City area for employment.  Of our district patrons over 25 years of age, almost 87% are high school graduates and 10% have a bachelor’s degree. (Source 2000 Census)


The last Missouri School Improvement (MSIP) review was during February 2008. The district received an accredited with distinction rating. The Comprehensive School Improvement Plan (CSIP) is reviewed annually with all goals and objectives to be approved at the June board meeting.  For the past five years, the district has earned the Distinction in Performance Award from the Missouri Department of Elementary and Secondary Education. 




National Blue Ribbon Schools 2012


Student Accident Insurance

The optional student accident insurance has converted from a paper application to an electronic application process.  All information can be located at the following website:

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